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2018-12-06 13:45:20

Water is the source of human life.

The water in the human body is updated every 5 to 13 days, and the average person drinks two liters of water a day.
Water not only helps us quench our thirst, but also participates in the metabolism of our body and the removal of garbage from the body.
In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen used the "Compendium of Materia Medica. The Ministry of Water" to clearly tell us about the afterlife: the medicine is not as good as the food supplement, and the food supplement is not as good as the water supplement. Water is the king of medicine, water is the first of nutrition. There is no doubt that Li Shizhen affirmed the medicinal value of water, but the premise of all this is good water. If it is contaminated water, it is not the first of nutrition. It will make our body commit various diseases.

Many people may not know some knowledge about drinking water:
1. For example, it is best not to drink water overnight, because after a night, there are more bacteria in the water.
2, tap water is also best not to drink directly, tap water contains many microorganisms and chlorine ions left by disinfection with bleach (sodium chloride, sodium chloride), as well as some calcium, magnesium, potassium, and There are some trace minerals such as sulfate.
3, it is very important, that is, boiled tap water do not drink, because hot, too hot boiled water may not only damage the lips and oral mucosa, but also may damage the throat, even the esophagus. In addition to hot, boiled boiled water, although it may kill harmful microorganisms in the water, but it does not kill the heavy metals contaminated by the secondary pipeline.
Faced with the above situation, many households now install water purifiers to improve the quality of drinking water.

The water purifier is a small-scale water treatment equipment for deep purification of water. Its main function is to filter floating objects in the water and remove harmful substances such as heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. The effect is obvious. Moreover, the water purifier is not only suitable for areas where tap water pollution is serious, but also filters residual chlorine in conventional tap water. It can also improve the taste of drinking water and improve your quality of life while ensuring health.

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