Household water purifier PK bottled water which is more heal

2018-12-06 11:29:03

The tap water we drink every day is safe and unsafe? According to a World Health Organization (WHO) survey, 80% of diseases worldwide and 50% of child deaths are associated with poor drinking water quality. A quarter of China's population is drinking water that does not meet health standards. Except for microorganisms and residual chlorine in the main over-standards, iron, turbidity and macroscopic objects are generally exceeded.
More than 90% of China's water plants use water processes from a hundred years ago. The process is: precipitation-dosing reaction (generally adding polyaluminum chloride), coagulation sedimentation-filtration (three layers: activated carbon, quartz sand, pebbles in turn) - disinfection (liquid chlorine) - water distribution. This water purification process has been used for hundreds of years. Although the local improvement has been made, the principle and function are largely unchanged, and the water source that continues to be polluted cannot be purified. "The seemingly clean tap water is really as pure as we think? The tube is clean and often sees reports of excessive toxic substances such as heavy metals in tap water! Can you still drink this kind of water?"

Are you still using your body as a filter?

The tap water pipe used in the home for many years is not only easy to produce rust water and moss, but also contains dirt and dirt in the pipe wall, and smashes various bacteria and a large amount of toxic metals, causing secondary pollution of water. With the absorption of the body by bit by bit, it will affect the normal development of the child's body, cause infertility and sub-health of young people, induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hypertension, hyperglycemia, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases!

The power of the individual is unable to clean the tap water pipe, and the water purification industry came into being!
Is the bottled water healthy?
Bottled water is generally marked with a shelf life of 3 months, but this is not the case. If you open it, you can drink up to 10-15 days. It is understood that if the bottled water in Kaifeng is placed for more than half a month, although the taste does not change, the bacteria have exceeded the standard.
Bottled water is also facing the problem of “secondary pollution”. The climate, environment and personnel quality of the water supply process are the key factors leading to “secondary pollution”. However, after eliminating these factors, bottled water is much safer than tap water and self-service water dispensers in the community.
The water dispenser should be cleaned regularly, although it is not necessary to clean it once every time it is changed. However, cleaning once a month is a reflection of good hygiene.
Bottled water should not be drunk directly!
The faucet, the water inlet, the sewage outlet, etc. can easily let the microorganisms and floating layers in the air enter the bucket, so that the water in the bucket is subject to secondary pollution. In order to prevent the consumption of secondary contaminated water, the best way is to heat the water before drinking.

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