Originally from Northern Europe, Style-Vidar always select the world's top original accessories, adhere to the energy-saving and environmental-
friendly R & D concept, high - tech sense in design style, to provide customers with high-tech innovative products.
Life will be better with technology, we are always chasing the best quality of sunshine, air, and also water.
We provides the intelligentize recreational life for you with high quality;
We purify the indoor air and make you live as the Swiss forests;

  • Household Water Purifier Series

  • Commercial Water Purifier Series

  • Wholehouse Drinking Water System

  • Dustless Workshop

    The brand of clean water that is brave in innovation, pure source of technology,
    pure water can be peace of mind.
    We believe that love can make technology embrace life.

    With its professional advantages, scale advantages, and technological advantages, under more than 10 years of hard work, Style-Vidar Technology has more than 300 employees and more than 20 middle and high level engineers at present. It has many production lines of modern water purification equipment, and 2300 square meters of dustless production workshop for water treatment equipment, which the annual production capacity can be more than 500,000 units. The strong product R&D technology and production capabilities of Style-Vidar have been recognized and praised by people from various industries.

  • 20+

    Elite team number

  • 300+

    Number of workers

  • 23002

    Production workshop

  • 500000

    Annual output value

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